Services for companies

Openjobmetis' main task is the mediation between labour supply and demand. It does so by collecting CVs, updating its database, and performing selection, professional guidance and training activities aimed at introducing people in the employment market. Openjobmetis constantly strives to enlarge and diversify its range of services, in line with the continuous evolutions of the market. This diversification is an evident advantage for client companies, whose needs are met through a single professional, expert and reliable interlocutor.


For introducing resources for a limited period, hired directly by Openjobmetis.


For finding professionals to be introduced directly into the company's staff.


Personalised training courses for the client's direct staff or the contract workers supplied by us.

Staff Leasing

For introducing staff employed permanently by Openjobmetis.


For receiving support during guidance, training and assistance activities, aimed at reintroducing workers into the employment market.